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Postad: 28 jul 2022 19:53

Argumenterade text. Hjälp med intro och "thesis statement"

Hope is the last thing you lose, it's a well-known proverb and in Kazuo Ishiguro's book "Klara and the Sun" hope is included from the beginning of the book. We get to follow the main character, Klara who is a solar-powered AF (Artificial Friend) robot. Klara is an intelligent AF who observes the environment and the people around it. Furthermore, Klara believes that the sun, which gives her its special nourishment, can also give strength to others, for example, humans. Because when Klara stood in the shop window, Klara saw how a beggar and his dog were revived by the sun. So, she believes and hopes that the sun can make her human-friend Josie healthy again.

Although (motargument:) hope can never really help people and it only exists in people's imagination, (Tes:) all people need hope in their lives, (argument 1:) because without hope you have nothing to look forward to, (agument2:) it helps people through tough times in life, and (argument 3:) your focus is on hope instead of what is tough.

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