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Postad: 23 apr 2020

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Pecola can identify herself with the cat because the cat is black like her.According to Pecola blue eyes and white skin complexion is associated to beauty.She believe that whiteness and having blue eyes is the ideal of beauty.Pecola also associate Junior's violence against her with the violence that white people commit against black people.The violence against her symbolize   the violence that black people are facing and the racism,injustice and oppression thar black people face in the society.

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Postad: 23 apr 2020 Redigerad: 23 apr 2020

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identify herself with

are associated with beauty

she believes

Pecola also associates 

The violence against her symbolizes

in  the society

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Postad: 23 apr 2020

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Pecola can identify with the cat, because the cat is black like she is.  According to Pecola, blue eyes and white skin colour is associated with beauty.

... oppression that black....

Who is Junior?

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