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"Arbete gör en fri"

Hej! Vet någon varför skylten "arbete gör en fri" placerades vid ingångarna av Auschwitz. Var det för att öka moralen bland de som arbetade där.


Uppskattar om någon skulle kunna hjälpa mig. Tack

"Although at the Auschwitz gate the well-known inscription 'Arbeit macht frei' ('Work sets free') could be read, this was only a macabre metaphor used by Nazis. For the work imposed to inmates had a clear goal–the extermination of Jews, Poles, Soviet POWs and others deemed enemies to the Reich."


In The Kingdom of Auschwitz, Otto Friedrich wrote about Rudolf Höss, regarding his decision to display the motto so prominently at Auschwitz:

He seems not to have intended it as a mockery, nor even to have intended it literally, as a false promise that those who worked to exhaustion would eventually be released, but rather as a kind of mystical declaration that self-sacrifice in the form of endless labor does in itself bring a kind of spiritual freedom.[12]

Källa : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arbeit_macht_frei

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