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Postad: 28 jan 2021 Redigerad: 28 jan 2021

A letter(9an) vad tycks?

Hana K....
2224 West 111 Street 
Chicago 11, 600643 
January 27, 2021 
Pamela Collins 
2106 Rodney street 
New Orleans 15,770024 
Dear Miss, Collins:  
I have heard about your terrifying story and it got me thinking regarding the society as well as that no one is completely safe on this earth but that shouldn’t stop us from doing things we enjoy. When I heard your story for the first time, I couldn’t believe my hearing, I just could not understand why an older man would sexually abuse a younger female. I realize what you went through must be traumatic and that the fear doesn’t disappear easily, but I hope that with this letter I can make you feel less lonely in this enormous world. 
Thoughts in your mind can be controlled, but we can´t control other human beings actions but we can control our own and that´s the key to find yourself and feel mor independent, life has its challenges and it gives you two opportunities, the main one is to take on the challenge and fight against it, show the world that you are strong even though you might not feel like it, the second one is to act weakly, and let the person that had hurt you win by making you feel bad about yourself for a long time or maybe even for a lifetime.  
This was your challenge and it happened, that means that you will need to find a closure with the horrible thing that happened and move on, that’s how you “win”, because you are stronger than you think, we all are stronger. 
 To be able to move on, you will need to talk about your emotions. I would suggest that you talk to a therapist if you don’t feel good about telling it for anyone else, and not to be embarrassed because it was not your fault, nothing out of this was your fault, talking about your emotions and how you feel to someone is important when it comes to mental health and eventually everything will get better. 
Yours sincerely 
Hana K......

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Postad: 28 jan 2021

Skrev fel, skulle stått more, istället för mor oops

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Postad: 28 jan 2021 Redigerad: 28 jan 2021

Byt ut alla "u" mot "you" i första stycket

Byt också ut "others" i första meningen på andra stycket mot "other"

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Postad: 28 jan 2021 Redigerad: 28 jan 2021

tack, för rättningen! :) har ändrat det nu 

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