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A news report

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Presenting a News Report
For the news report you are a journalist reporting on the tragic events that takes place in Hamlet based on Hamlet, Prince of Denmark +  Listening: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark cont..

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Good evening and thank you very much for joining us, it´s me ……and welcome to the breaking story news at News channel.

The formal King of Denmark is murdered by his brother Claudius and the nephew “Hamlet”  for Claudius want to avenges for his father´s  death.  The news from Denmark´s Elsinore castle says , the king is dead by a serpent that bitten him in his ear.

According to Hamlet, Claudius was unfaithful to his brother,  the king and father to Hamlet. Was  Claudius behind the death of his brother,  how? , when Hamlet was grieved in the castle come his father in the shape of  ghost and informed  him that he had been murdered by his brother through pouring a snake on his ear and poisoned him  when he was asleep in the orchard and  bitten him.

 Hamlet became shocked and cried, because they  both were deceived. Hamlet´s  father ghost expressed himself so “ Claudius took my life, my throne and now my wife “ .

Hamlet needs to be sure of these words that he get heard  from the ghost , that’s way he decided to pretends himself as a man mad  to moves and hear in any ware freely.

That´s right,  Claudius got  married from Hamlets mother Gertrude direct after the king´s death. These is a sign to Claudius and Gertrude´s infidelity to Hamlet´s father.

According to his plan, Hamlet has had approached to the truth through a play  that consenting of actors, he paid gold to them to made  changes of the  play itself.  He attended in the play and wrote a scene that mimics the murder of Hamlet´s father.

The performance had provoked Claudius and made him feared which led him to interrupting the action by storming out. Hamlet´s distressed mother Gertrude was not in Hamlets side,  unfortunately. She blamed her son Hamlet,  because he had  invented the Claudius crime through the play.

 Claudius decided to send Hamlet a way  to England to protect himself from the punishment. He side “ I shall send you to friends in  England, who will care for you until you are back in your right mind”.  He had sent Hamlet to  England and had a plan to kill his nephew  once he arrives there.


Thank you for listening, and await everything that is new!

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