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Academic paper

hej, jag har haft en uppsats, en academic paper att skriva och jag skrev den två gånger och fick underkänt på den, vad är academic paper egentligen?  Vad innebär akademiskt skrivande?

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Recalling from my college days, there were a few basic requirements such as

  1. Having a good structure/outline for the report (for taking the reader through your thought process).  See an example in the next section.
  2. Backed by evidence from credible sources (your paper should not just be a collection of random opinions but supported by research/evidence and build on what others already found/said)
  3. Explain the methodology, if your paper involves one.  For example, if you used a survey to collect data, why did you use this method, how did you design it, who did you target, why, what techniques did you use to analyse the results and why...
  4. Citations - Provide sources where you got your information so the reader can 1. verify your claims 2. use it to learn more 


Example for the paper outline/structure:  Introduction -> situation/problem (evidence and sources) -> impact of the situation (evidence and sources)  -> what has been found by others on this topic (evidence and sources)  -> what is the new insight you are introducing (evidence and sources)  -> Link it back to the problem and solution -> conclusion (the main takeaway from your paper) -> Citation/List of all the sources that you referred in your paper

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