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Argumentative essay

Hej: jag läser Engelska 6 i mål att läsa vidare till lärarutbildning så JAG BER andras hjälp ifall någon har flyttande engelska så är jag väldigt tacksam för sin hjälp i förhand.

jag har skrivit en argumentative essay och vet inte om jag är på rätt väg, hoppas att någon tar en överblick på det.


                                             The huge value of arts and culture to Society


Arts and culture is the communication language between nationalities,  that all people around the world able to be meted by one and same concert, painting exhibition or in orchestras performance. Culture and arts can cross boundaries between many different nationalities witch are speaking different languages, obviously those factors can break the barriers of communication.  Therefore, I will discuss the benefits of the huge value of arts and culture to society.

There are many reasons to the meaningful values of arts and culture. The first reason is,  art and culture have an important impact to enhance many areas in the society witch is, “the social and economic goals through regeneration, attracting tourists, the development of talent and innovation, improving health and wellbeing and delivering essential services”.  These outcomes are  explored by English literature review, that has performed and come on to in their 90 reports examined.

Secondly, according Keith Haring, “ our life has been drastically altered due the last 100 years invention of telecommunications, radio, automobiles, television, air and space travel, computers, genetic science, satellites and on and on”, and I agree with him because through the revolution of new technology.  Arts could to cross spaces and time between people in the current time, how?. Except of the original way of art´s communication witch is music, panting or acting. The new integration of people communication become more effective through the social media platforms, like sharing images, sounds and stories.  I think arts is the expression language for humanity, for example when the society encounter life difficulties and obstacles to get job, they can express their opinions through a demonstration´s song, picture or an own quotation, and these applies to all artists and actors belonging to that country.

Finely, Art and culture have big influence in our society in general and in the health- area specifically,  according New Castle university´s researchers in 2013, their study has shown that contemporary visual art  has positive effects towards the nursing home – bound elders, that  improving their own personal life. Those factors, art and culture has contributed to reduce the social isolation, to reduce depression and anxiety. In other words, art and culture are the nourishment for our soul and brain.

In conclusion, art and culture have great ability in our society that enable many things regarding community, like creating new relationships between others around the world  through sharing images, sounds and stories. The use of the visual art is important point to encourage and improv the others psychology and physiology health. Art and culture encouraging people in different ages to prepare and create the  creativity in themselves to get good  job opportunities with good economy conditions.

We cannot live without motivation and encouraging to do the best of the best, we cannot experience loneliness and we cannot be open minded persons without reading,  listening and proving new knowledge, and all that included the terms art and culture. Its very important to be familiar with other cultures to get more self-confident and to accept everything of others.

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