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Argumentative essay

Hej, ska skriva en argumantativ uppsats på boken "the old man and the sea". Förstår inte alls hur jag ska skriva argument? på en bok?

“The Old Man And The Sea” is a short story by Ernest Hemingway. It was published in 1952 and was his last significant work of fiction. The plot of the book is an epic struggle between an old man, which is a fisherman and the greatest catch of his life. The elderly man is often referred to as “the old man” but his name is Santiago. “The old man” had a trainee called Manolin but is referred to as “The boy” in the book. “The old man” has been out of luck for the past eighty-four days whit no luck in catching any fish. Santiago was really invested in “The boy” and taught him everything he knew and took the boy whit him out fishing on the sea from when Manolin was noticeably young. The circle of life is the theme of this novel. Life and death are recurrent themes in this book.    
The main characters or the protagonists are noticeably clear. They are “The old man” and “The boy”. The old man is an extremely poor fisherman as previously mentioned, but this probably was not the reason for the circumstances of his bad luck with catching any fish. Even though his profession is treating him poorly he still thinks being a fisherman is his calling and destiny. The old man is described as a particularly good fisherman many times so this proves that he has bad luck and not that he does not get any fish because he is bad at his profession. This in my opinion says a lot about his personality, for example that he is determined, faithful and stubborn. He never gives up without a fight and in that I see stubbornness that he does not give up on the fish he caught and spent four days fighting for that fish. The old man always wants to do things himself and not to take any help from the boy when they are out fishing. This is also stubbornness but also in my eyes an act of kindness to the boy. He ties to do everything himself so that the boy does not have to get up and help him. The boy takes care of the old man like his own grandfather; he makes sure he has warm and clean clothes and that he eats. He also helps the old man load on and off the boat and the tools. Manolin gets sad when he sees that Santiago struggles due to being old. This shows that he also loves Santiago, and it is very safe to say that Manolin also is a generous and kind person. It really shows that he wants to be with Santiago, on the boat and fish. But feels he is obeying his father who thinks he should not be with the old man, and he is bad luck.  
The style Hemingway has while authoring this book is direct and concise. I get pictures in my head while reading it and in my opinion that is what makes a book even better. The language and word range are difficult whit some big words. This is hard to understand for the younger generation like me. In my perspective the way it is written is what sets the mood, and the language is appropriate for the exact purpose of the theme in the book. This book has a lot of deeper meaning and hidden messages behind and in between every sentence. An example of a hidden message is when the boy says that he must obey his father's decision because he is just a boy but then says that his father does not really understand. This for me means that he does not want to follow his advice.  
For me the ending was very touching. It ends with a scene when the old man comes home from the sea and is feeling defeated and sad that he came home empty handed. And there by his side is the boy trying to convince him of the opposite and be positive about it. The ending was touching, yes but a little disappointing. The particular reason for the circumstances was that I had expected the old man's good luck whit fishing to be restored and that he would come home with some fish. The old man went to sleep when he came home, and he was tired and beaten up and dreamed about the lions in Africa. “The old man was dreaming about the lions” is the absolute last line in the book. I think it was a reflection that he had found peace in his dream. In the book, “the lions of Africa are mentioned” a few times and my belief are that this is a symbol for his youth when he was healthy, and everything was right. Therefore, I believe it was a good and emotional ending because he is now at peace is his dream. Why, for me Santiago fell asleep and dreamt peacefully about the lions was because the boy stood by his side while he was felling defeated.  
To sum up everything that has been stated this far  

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Postad: 25 maj 22:19

Argumentera för dina åsikter om boken. Alltså t.ex om du tycker boken var " hjärtskärande" tex eller något liknande så argumenterar du för varför den just var det. Lägg då sjävlklart in motargument som att "boken var ju inte alls hjärtskärande för att..." och svara på dessa motargument också.

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