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Tella 201
Postad: 3 mar 2022 17:56

Argumentative text

Can anyone give me some arguments and counter arguments as to why we must ban the death penalty. I know that we must ban it because sometimes people are sentanced for a crime they did not commit and. Can you give me stronger arguments. 

cforsberg 214
Postad: 5 mar 2022 09:31 Redigerad: 5 mar 2022 09:42

Tella, I'd suggest you google this - there must be thousands of papers and thus several arguments on this topic.

I think the one you gave might be the strongest? Since this is a action that can't be undone.

Some others could be; what gives us (the society) the right to take a persons life and also if we do that one could argue that we are no better then the perpetrator (if the person was e.g. guilty of taking a persons life).

Tella 201
Postad: 5 mar 2022 14:59

Ok thanks

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