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Postad: 3 maj 2019

Artificiell intelligens argumenterande uppsats

Hej, vi har fått i uppgift att skriva en fem-paragraf uppsats om ett frivilligt ämne. Jag valde ämnet om artificiell intelligens eftersom det är en framtid evolution. Jag har valt att prata från den positiva synen alltså varför artificiell intelligens är bra. Jag vill förbättra texten och därför frågar om kritik och hjälp. Det här är vad jag har skrivit:



    Everything we adore about civilization and society is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial. In a world where technology play a huge part of people’s lives, we would need to understand the “mind” behind systems such as Siri, Google, Yahoo and other systems we use in our daily life - known as artificial intelligence. With an AI helping each of us, we have the power to do more, be more, and explore more than ever before. In some ways, this evolutionary process could be our destiny. From helping those who can't see, walk, or hear, to enhancing our creativity and productivity, we are able to create a better world.

  If you didn’t have the ability to see, whose voice would you trust to guide you every day? No human could be so constant, so patient, or so responsive. But A.I can. A.I enabled devices are allowing blind people to see and disabled people to walk and the deaf to hear. AI gives the potential to accelerate scientific discovery in the healthcare industry. For example, a system can make medical decisions interactively with a program or use simulation to predict outcomes on the basis of the patient’s data.
Robotics is a fast-moving discipline, which – in tandem with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning – is transforming the practice of neurosurgery. There is hope that robotics will eliminate mechanistic errors, reduce operating times and provide the same or even greater resective margins with minimal-access surgery. This will mean excellent surgical results with minimal complications.

What role will artificial intelligence play in the future of work? Judging from current trends, it'll make businesses smarter, processes more efficient, experiences more personalized and customers more satisfied. Although people fear this new revolution in belief that jobs will be replaced with a.i and humans will be supplemented.  I believe the reality isn't nearly so dystopian — but it might be just as transformative. New technology has always eliminated jobs throughout history but also creates many more than the amount lost. One study from Gartner Research states that while 1.8 million jobs will be lost by 2020, 2.3 million new ones will be created. The point is that humans and technology must work together, humans in control and the technology providing what it is programmed to provide. It won't replace the need for creative thinking, emotions, problem solving, leadership instead it will give the possibility of humans being able to use this technology to provide a better world for us. Robots and AI will certainly replace jobs – boring, dangerous, and dirty ones mostly.  AI can be used to work tirelessly to complete a repetitive and time-consuming task efficiently, which could usually cause health issues when humans would to those jobs, consider coal mining, which could result in lung cancer and other negative impacts.

A.I has the ability to help humanity from the threats online which could lead to some disastrous results. It can be used to fight surveillance activities and protect privacy. Some are using A.I systems to protect healthcare records, and even detect digital weak spots before hackers can. Before hackers could access another person's digital activities now being able to use artificial intelligence to prevent people from being exposed to the dangers of the internet. A.i can also be used to improve traditional security. We now have smart security cameras and even artificially intelligent bodyguards, even lie detecting robots which patrol are keeping us safe from international threats.

      Artificial intelligence is changing our lives every day. In the near future, AI will bring intelligent machines to make life more convenient and comfortable for everyone. Like any other machine, AI enabled machines do what the human programmers tell them to do. The need to understand AI is beneficial for the society.AI algorithms should not be in control of potentially dangerous systems until people can provide a high degree of assurance that they will behave safely and properly.AI is the future which we can’t stop,but  learn how to control it in order to make our modern living more efficient.


Uppskattar all hjälp och kritik, tack!

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