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Postad: 10 maj 2020

Behöver tips på vad jag kan förbättra och rättning


HÄR ÄR UPPGIFTEN: It’s the summer of 2060 and you have your two grandchildren staying with you for a week. Before long they sneak up on your attic and happen to find an old mobile phone. Suddenly they want to know all about the digital machines you had when you were young:

What kind of machines did you use as a teenager? (Mobile phone, computer, TV…)
What did they look like?
What did you do with the machines?
Which one was your favourite device? Why?
Where did you use them? (Home and/or in school.)
How much did they cost?
What was Facebook and Instagram?
What’s your point of view now, as an old person, regarding the machines and the social networks?
Write a dialogue where you also include the grandchildren’s point of view: Let them describe what digital machines they own and use.


HÄR ÄR VAD JAG HAR SKRIVIT HITTILLS: My children dropped off my grandkids last week at my childhood home. I hadn’t seen them in decades, at least it felt like that I hoped they remembered me. I mean the last time I saw them they were 9 and 6. I was so excited they were going to stay with me for a week! It was sad because my kids couldn’t stay with us during the week they had to go on some business trip, anyways I could understand them, but thanks God that I was available and could look after them. At that time I hoped that they bought something with them to keep them busy during the week because I hadn’t planned anything. I thought to myself “Hopefully, by the end of this week, we will get to know each other!” What happened at the end of the week will amaze you.

It didn’t happen until their last day with me. During the whole week, we didn’t talk that much until they discovered the door to my attic that I myself had forgotten. They told me that they found the door to my attic by accident and decided to sneak up of curiosity.  

They came up to me with what seemed to be a heavy box filled with old electronics, well it said so on the label. As soon as we caught eye contact the oldest of my grandkids, Milan asked if I knew anything about the box. At first, I looked curious and replied:

- What says it on the label?

She took a long look at the box and replied with an unsure voice:

- I don’t know the handwriting is awful but I think it says “old electronics 2020/05/22”

At that moment I got a spark in my head. I remembered everything and answered back and told them about the box:

- See kids, these are some old electronics from when I was a young boy. If you have time, I would like to tell you about the electronics I used when I was a kid. 
Yes, please! tell us, everything granddad.  
Well, where should I start? I asked with a smile on my face.
Start with this weird device 

Said Mike as he took the mobile phone out of the box:

- As you can see here Mike and Milan this is a mobile phone that we used back in the days to do all kinds of things with, from contacting our loved ones to playing games with them and checking the news at that time. It was like the holographic phones that you use now.

 I explained friendly:

- What a shame, so you didn’t even have advanced VR devices?

Mike asked as he shook his head right and left:

- HAHAHAHA Mike, see I am not that up to date with every electronics that you use in this modern time. Could you explain what an advanced VR device is so that granddad can answer your question?

              I asked politely:

- Oh, an advanced VR device is a sunglass type of device that basically allows you to enter your fantasy world and meet other users. You can, for example, go on a date or fight with others which is what I personally like to do and it feels so real. For you to feel like you are in reality, you have to put on a vest with different sensors that send electrical signals to your brain if someone touches you.

           Mike explained enthusiastically: 

- No, No, No we did not have that kind of device all though we had something similar that we called VR glasses, they were not even close to what you just explained! But, we had a device that was my first device that we used in school for doing our home works on, the computer.

- The computer?!

 Both of them asked at the same time:

- Yes, the computer, it had almost the same functions as the mobile phone but unlike the mobile phone it was made of various parts such as the screen, keyboard, processor, mouse and it was much bigger and looked completely different compared to the mobile phone. The processor looked like a rectangular cube and inside of it were different components that were responsible for the different functions such as how fast it worked or the picture quality etc. The screen was similar to your holographic screen but it wasn’t see-through and to check and write commends we had a keyboard with different symbols, numbers, and letters on different buttons, and with the mouse, you could move the cursor on the screen and press on different applications such as Facebook or Instagram.

- Whats face blablabla and Instagram? 

            Milan asked with a weird face:

- Oh yeah, Facebook and Instagram were different social media platforms that almost everybody allowed the users to share photos and videos from their everyday life. But also comment or follow others. It was a great place to meet people with the same interest and keep in touch with your friends. All though It was a great place to socialize with others. It was very time-consuming.

- But granddad, you just told us all about this cool tech that you used as a kid but you didn’t tell us about your favorite  one.

Mike asked as if he had waited for it:

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