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Daniah 29
Postad: 24 dec 2020 22:48

Can I get a response to my text

I have bought a country house in Britain. I went there with my friend Rania on Christmas  to have fun on Christmas with my friends who live in London. London and its streets were very beautiful.  There were houses and streets covered in snow, and it was cold. When we got home, the house was very beautiful. The house was very warm.Rania went to the market and bought a christmas tree and christmas decorations. We decorate the house. On Christmas day Me  and Rania cook dinner for our friends who live in London. Our friend bring Christmas gifts. And we gave them christmas gifts.     

flower11 4
Postad: 25 dec 2020 02:12 Redigerad: 25 dec 2020 02:27

Try to reduce(minska) the words "christmas" and "the house" in the text.

You may also write "decorated" with a d in the end of the word. 

Also, practice a bit on irregular verbs. There are many pictures online to check. 

Im not an english teacher but I hope my tips could help.

dividebyzero 4
Postad: 26 jan 23:06

I would like to add to flower11's post:

"On Christmas day Me  and Rania cook dinner". The word cook should be in past tense, which is cooked.

Same with "Our friend bring Christmas gifts", bring in past tens is brought.

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