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Hej! Kan någon rätta svaren o grammatiket. Uppskättar allt svar o tips :) 

How does Atticus advise Jem to react to Mrs. Dubose's taunts?
Atticus says to Jem, “ Yo just hold your head high and be a gentleman. Whatever she says to you, it’s your job not to let her make you mad. 
What does Mrs. Dubose say about the children's mother? 

How does Jem feel about this?
Mrs. Dubose said that “... it was heartbreaking how Atticus Finch let his children run wild.” Of course Jem didn’t like this. 
What request does Mrs. Dubose make of Jem? 

Is this a fair punishment for his “crime”?
I think it’s a fair punishment because he only has to read, and reading isn’t that hard. 
Explain in your own words what Atticus thinks of insults like “nigger-lover”. 

How far do you agree with him?
Atticus thinks “nigger lovers” are meaningless. He also thinks that such insults are used by people who are ignorant. 
Why, in Atticus's view, was Mrs. Dubose “a great lady”?
Atticus says that Mrs. Dubose is a model of courage rather than “ a man with a gun in his hand”. 
Atticus says that Mrs. Dubose is a model of real courage rather than “a man with a gun in his hand”. 

What does he mean? 

Do you think he is right?
Atticus says that Mrs. Dubose is the bravest person he has ever met, because she was addicted to morphine and she decided to quit it so she could be “alive” for the last part of her life.
Chapters ten and eleven are the last two chapters in the first part of the book. 

Explain why Harper Lee chooses to end the first part here.
Harper Lee chose to end the first part of the book because everything Atticus has taught them has come together. All the life lessons  they’ve learned are finally clicking. They are more experienced now than before, so this was the best place to finish. 

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Snyggt skrivet, grammatiken var faktiskt riktigt bra, fattar däremot inte riktigt själva storyn.

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