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Engelska grammatik !

jag ska välja ut 10 meningar varav 4 stycken måste ha extended sentence patterns. Kan någon som kan detta kolla ifall jag valt bra/korrekt meningar.

Sentence 1- It’s just the way home now.
Sentence 2- The owners of supermarkets have this sadistic side, they all do.
Sentence 3- The exit.
Sentence 4- Most of these are young students on a tight budget trying to get through their exams without starving
Sentence 5- It’s like light at the end of the tunnel.
Sentence 6- Not so fast here if I may.
Sentence 7- Just as you pass the corner an extremely tall man with a huge backpack turns around.
Sentence 8- You’re actually completely calm for once.
Sentence 9- Your pulse is awfully high and you start to sweat.

Sentence 10- The electricity was still on and it seemed like you had left all bad luck at the store.

Laguna Online 17006
Postad: 1 nov 09:08

Vad är "extended sentence patterns"?

sabab 18
Postad: 1 nov 16:00

Om det är t.ex compound, complex eller compound complex.

Jag ska även välja 6 basic sentence patterns

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