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Postad: 16 dec 2020

Feedback på min essay

Någon snäll där ute som kan läsa igenom och rätta min essay på ca 400 ord om jämställd het!?


Gender Equality

For me gender equality is that boys and girls have the same rights, and the same opportunities to influence their own lives and society. Equality is that both boys and girls decide over their own bodies and their sexuality. Gender equality also means that no one should be treated differently because of their gender. Gender equality is being discussed in most countries, and many countries are becoming more equal. But no country is yet fully equal. Most often, it is girls who lose out because it is not equal. Guys have more power and more money, in the world. Guys also often have more freedom in their lives, by not having as many invisible rules for how they can be or look.
According to svt.se, women in Sweden earn about 83% of men. This is not depending to competence or previous experience but depend to gender. Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the highest proportion of women in working life. But Sweden also has one of the most gender-segregated labor markets in the world. Women and men choose different types of work. In the UK, about the same percentage of women are employed, about 75% of women in the country. Women earn on average almost ten percent less than men in the UK labor market, according to a new UK government survey. This is a big difference that cannot be called gender equality.
In sports in Sweden, the majority of women and men in the basics have access to good health and the same prerequisites in spotting. At older ages, it is more different. Within associations, men usually have a greater opportunity to receive training to become leaders and coaches. Researchers believe that factors in the environment, such as constant effort, boy jargon, heterosexism and emotional limitation, can lead to frustration and the desire to resolve conflicts or mark status by resorting to violence. Here, sports have a great opportunity to get better. This can mean that women cannot or do not want to take the place they should be allowed to have. All this applies in general in sports all over the world.
In summary, there is much to improve in gender equality within several structures in society around the world. We clearly see that men have better conditions and more rights. This is something that needs to change now. That people own their own rights and follow their obligations sounds like a matter of course, but that is not the case today in the world.

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Postad: 21 dec 2020

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  • Tror att du måste ange hela källan och utgivningsdatum.
  • "This is not depending on competence or previous experiences, this undeniably depends on the gender."

Din essay verkar bra annars, jag är inte nån proffesional tho men om det är en essay med inledning kropp och avslutning så verkar inledningen ganska lång. Är inte säker på om det är ett så stort problem men försökte hjälpa lite i alla fall :)

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