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Engelska Formal letter

Hej jag ska skriva en formal letter i engelskan, och jag undrar vad jag kan ersätta it is i texten med och om jag kan få andra tips istället för att använda mig med it is och andra liknande ord? 


Dear ms Prime minister Magdalena Andersson,

I am writing to complain about the criminality in our country. It has gone out of control, I am not just complaining because it is something that goes on the news daily now days, but also because it has ruined plural family and teenage lives. As a prime minister it should be something that you should think about as a priority in the first place by someone who rules a whole country.

I live in Södertälje, for a teenage girl living in a small neighborhood neither me nor my family is feeling safe in our own home. It has gone too far to the point that people do not feel safe at home anymore. We are scared to go out only to be greeted by a group of teenage boys wearing masks, dark clothes, and pecan bags not knowing what might happen to us.

Instead that kids grow up remembering a funny and rememberable childhood they grow up remerging guns and deaths due the criminality nowadays. What I say is that you are one of the most important people that can fix this problem in our society. I do not want my younger sibling to grow up in a fear of going out with their friends and not feeling safe.

I really hope you make a bigger effort within this subject, and I look forward to progressing into the future getting better.

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