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Jag har skrivt en text om addiction, kan någon hjälpa mig om det finns grammatisk fel någonstans, tack.




I don't think that it’s a great idea to treats people that are addicted in a bad way, because they didn't choose that. And everyone has their reasons to do whatever they want and I mean by that, that sometimes we chose things just to run away from our problems. Like it mentions in the ted talk that people think that they will get happiness if they take drugs. And when you have problems and you don’t know how to deal with them, you think it’s the only solution is to do that. People who have those thoughts should immediately take the right help that they need. They don't need somebody to tell them to stop, they need that somebody gives them good feelings for example kindness and love. Bindings and connections are very important in our lives because we will not have the ability to be an addiction and I mean by bindings and connections like family, friends and work. We have to change our way when we see someone with an addiction. We should not think of a drunker a junkie or an addict or an abuser. We have to offer help like kindness and compassion to make the world a better place to live in. Those people struggle with their illness and they should have the right treatment at the right time. Society should take care of this illness like others for example diabetes. People with addiction shouldn't wait for their treatment, because it leads to bad consequences for example death or incarceration. We should have more knowledge about this subject. we have to change our thoughts and offer help.

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