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In dire need of feedback.

Hej jag har skrivit ett Argumentativ essay om Beneftis of social welfare i Eng 6 Mod 3 uppgift 1. 

Skulle upskatta om någon smartare än mig tog sig tiden att ge mig lite feedback. Jag siktar på betyg A och känner att min text är för tunn.


Shining a Light on Unseen Suffering: 

The Importance of Social Welfare Programs

Throughout history many successful civilizations have utilized social welfare in some form, dating back to the Persian Empire. While some argue that welfare discourages personal responsibility, a thorough examination of the evidence reveals the reason these programs benefit society in so many aspects. Therefore, improving existing social welfare programs is a crucial component in achieving a fair and inclusive society.

To begin with, social safety nets in welfare programs provide necessary support for the neglected. Marginalized groups often lack equal opportunities for education, healthcare, and living standards, which when combined with indifference towards their suffering result in desperation and crime, impacting the whole society negatively. In his book The Road to Wigan Pier, (Solid Gold 2, 2015, P 108-110) George Orwell describes the grueling work conditions of one segregated working class in 19th-century London. Despite the high number of accidents and deaths, little effort was made to improve the miners' conditions or compensate their families. This illustrates the critical role of workers in our society and the consequences of mistreating and exploiting them. Miners, farmers, and builders are among the most valuable individuals, and neglecting them can lead to the downfall of any civilization. Therefore, a welfare system that ensures the fair treatment and protection of all workers, not only promotes equality but also contributes to the overall safety and fulfillment of individuals, families, and communities.

Moreover, social welfare programs strive to optimize the aid provided to the underprivileged by ensuring efficient distribution of taxpayer funds. In today's globalized world, without such initiatives, we would easily become lost in our everyday lives and disregard the challenges faced by the less fortunate. For instance, Caitlin Moran writes in her article "From a purely selfish point of view…..is the lack of admin". (Solid Gold 2, 2015, P 116) She implies that while it is undoubtedly our moral obligation to help those in need, the practicality of individualized assistance in our populus societies will demoralize even the most devout citizens. In contrast, social welfare programs with their dedicated staff can effectively provide assistance and distribute resources. Thus, having these programs in place not only alleviates suffering, but also fosters economic stability and security for the society as a whole.

Despite numerous advantages, the opponents of social welfare still believe that the financial burden put on the taxpayers is not justified and the money used to fund these programs would be better spent in areas like education and infrastructure. On the contrary, the benefits of social welfare for a society outweighs the cost of any funds. For example, a large portion of the money which funds social welfare programs is used to ensure children's safety and health which is of vital importance to our future society. According to a report published on the national academic presses website, (NAP, 2014, P 176) despite countless progress made by child welfare programs, there are still around three million referrals for child abuse and neglect submitted yearly. It can be inferred from this research that any defunding of social welfare would result in dire consequences for society's most defenseless members. Therefore, it is imperative to have a well functioning social welfare system in place, and we must take further steps towards enhancing the current programs in order to protect our children.

In conclusion, social welfare programs represent not only an economic investment but also a moral obligation to support and uplift the most vulnerable members of our society. Therefore, as a former beneficiary of these programs who can attest to their life changing impacts, I call upon all of us not to turn our backs on those who need our help the most. Instead, let us embrace our collective responsibility to build a fairer, more compassionate society that values the wellbeing of all its members.


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