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Postad: 24 mar 2021 19:27

informativ text kan du hjälp mig med min text och se om det är bra och rätta den tack


Kenyatta was a strong man who decided to help and shape Kenya to what it is today in many ways, when he was a boy, he paid for himself to go to school by working as a houseboy for a white settler so that he later could enter the politics. He went to Britain to lobby for his country and to further his higher education. Kenya was a British colony for 25 Years. In 1952 the Mau uprising was the first meaningful fightback towards the colonization in the African continent and the former Kenyan president Jomo Kenyatta was blamed for being a part of it and sent to prison. In 1963 Kenya was liberated from Great Britain and Jomo Kenyatta became the first prime minister of Kenya.

A lot of settlers in Kenya feared the new government without the British, but Kenyatta said that he was not going to look back and that they were going to forgive the past. He told the settlers to stay if they want. Tolerance was his response when other people wanted justice for the past. He traveled to meet leaders from other nations and was liked by many for his humor and being a great communicator. He wanted to create good relationships with other countries so that Kenya as a country could flourish.

Kenyatta helped shape Kenya to what it is today in many ways. He stood for peace and he was unafraid to speak out against injustices. He was the reason for the growth of the nationalist movement. When it came to his country Kenyatta was modern and progressive under his leadership. The infrastructure grew and the economy prospered during his leadership. He founded a successful education system and the Kenyatta foundation which helped and still helps thousands of poor people to get a secondary education.

Thanks to Jomo Kenyatta the Kenya people got their country and rights back. During the colonization the British people were first class citizens, Asians were second class, and the Kenyans were third class. He was a symbol for the Kenyan people, and he was called the funding father of Kenya. He transformed Kenya from a colony to a republic. He created a magazine in different languages which was sent allover the world. The magazine was about the struggles Kenyans faced.

In conclusion we can see a man that was willing to fight for his country. He became a symbol for peace, he was unafraid to speak out against injustices and he funded a successful education system. The reason I think that Kenyatta was a great man is that he helped shape Kenya into what it is today. He helped

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Postad: 24 mar 2021 22:27

Det ser bra ut, men ska det ta slut så abrupt?

Aivatco 2
Postad: 9 apr 2021 22:13

Tyckte texten va intressant att läsa och välkonstruerad, bra jobbat! 
Ett tips är att inte ha med vad du tycker om honom eftersom det är en informativ text (syftar på den sista biten) annars va den superbra.:) 

När du skrev "he was called the funding father of Kenya." så undrar jag om du inte menade founding. Funding betyder nämligen finansiering medans founding betyder grundande. 

Hoppas det hjälpte lite iallafall.

Lycka till med texten!

simieon 29
Postad: 21 apr 2021 18:10

Ja tack

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