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PaleWhite 164
Postad: 18 okt 2018

Informell brev feedback ((engelska)))


Jag har fått till uppgift att skriva ett informellt brev som uppgift i engelskan. 

Tacksam för feedback 


Dear Mr XXXX

My name is XXXX and i am 23 years old. I would like to be a police constable in London at South East England.

I think this job would fit me because i have worked as a security guard inside London City Airport.  As a security guard in London City Airport i was excellent at spying and guarding people and the society. I worked quite late on the night and i have experience working shifts.

This job suits me because i have previous experience. I like to make the world a better place where people are feeling happy and are safe from all crime and evil people.

I have easy to talk to other people about their problems and i am always kindly to people who need help.

Physically i  have a good fitness. I am training in MMA where i train different kinds of martial arts. I have gone to UK:s military in one year.

I am healthy and strong.

I have a good experience driving cars because i have been in a driving education for vehicles and transportation. I have no problem using weapons and other productions.



tack för svar!

Laguna 5708
Postad: 18 okt 2018

Jag undrar om jag skulle placera en anställningsansökan i kategorin informella brev. 

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