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Jag har uppgift att skriva en argumenterande , non kan titta up och rätta ?

                                 Climate change

Carbon dioxide emissions are a big cause of climate change.The increase in global temperature is a fact about a future where reversing global warming is possible.People are hit hard by climate change and environmental degradation, especially those living in poverty and who depend on local resources.Droughts and floods mean people are forced to move in order to make living.

Tackling climate change require international cooperation and common targets to reduce emissions, find new energy solutions and protect the earth's resources.Burning fossil ,coal ,oil and natural gas, agra agriculture and deforestation leads to increased levels of greenhouse gases.The rich part of the world is behind most of the emissions that affect our climate.

Furthermore, analyses of how extreme weather events have changed over time are made more difficult by  the development of society and the ease of mixing up an increased vulnerability with a change in the occurrence of extreme many respects vulnerable as in our day.

In my opinion in the first place, climate models point to a future milder and higher precipitation and runoff in northern sweden,While it will be warmer in southern Sweden without major change in annual rainfall and runoff.as result man engages in many activities that change the earth's surface. During ice Age,Europa was covered in large inland ice caps ort tundra.On the positive ide emissions can be reduced but this requires political decisions. IF we are succeed in limiting warming, policy cannot continue to support climate damaging activities through subsidies and continued investment in fossil. I am going to have to make enough broken promises. we need to get away from fossil dependence.  

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Postad: 17 maj 2020 Redigerad: 17 maj 2020

The Errors 

  • ...finding new energy solutions... istället för ...find new energy resources...
  • Capital letter for countries -Sweden,...
  • Capital letter in the beginning of a sentence- ...As a result..
  • ...one engages in many activities... istället för ...man engages in many activities...
  • ...Europe... istället för Europa
  • small letter words in between sentences ...During ice age...
  • ort tundra... vad menar du?
  • ...side istället för ...ide
  • ...it requires istället för ...this requires
  • If istället för IF
  • lägg till ¨...to¨ i meningen ... If we are to  suceed in...
  • ...global warming istället för ...warming
  • Ta bort ¨through subsidies¨ det behövs inte där 
  • Present tense ...continue istället för ...continued
  • Jag förstår inte riktigt vad du menar med ¨I am going to have to make enough broken promises.¨
  • Capital letter in the beginning of a sentence- We istället för we
  • ... fossil dependency istället för ...fossil dependence.

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