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Postad: 6 mar 2019

Kan jag få hjälp med respons på en engelska text?


I was sleeping and in the middle of my dream I felt a feeling I never have felt before. I was so scared and it felt like I was dying both in real life and in my dream. I was shaking and I was freezing. I woke up and when I opened my eyes I saw that I wasn’t home. I have never seen anything like this it was a huge plane that were made of solid gold. Every seat, the floor, the roof even the staff had golden jewellery. Outside of the window the sun was setting. It was beautiful, the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. On the table in front of me there were a coffee cup and even the mug was made of gold. I looked down on my hands and I saw that I had golden rings all over my fingers. I wasn’t scared at all, just curious about this whole plane. How much can a plane like this cost. I started to run around the plane and I was always wondering how I got here. Then I saw someone who didn’t were any gold. His clothes had holes all over them and his hair looked like it never had been washed. I walked up to him and asked him if he knew how I got here.
- Hello my name is Amaya and I have no clue how I got here. Do you know or did you see anything.
- Hello Amaya my name is Sara and I saw you walking in here and then you sat down on your seat and fell to sleep. So you don’t really remember how you got here?
- No all I know is me going to sleep in France at home with my mother.
- But we are going on a little vacation.
- I can’t go on vacation, I have prom night tomorrow so I can’t go.
- I think it’s a little late for that…

Everything turned red and I heard a siren, from the roof it came down signs saying it was a emergency. I sat down next to the man and I put on my seat belt. There was a man saying that the plane were going to crash land in the middle of the ocean. The man was probably the captain and then we heard his copilot whispering:
- Lets take the parachutes and leave before it’s too late.
- Okey they are in the back of the plane.

Me and Sara looked at each other and it was one of those moments when you don’t have to say anything to understand each other. We ran to the back of the plane and grabbed a parachute each. There were only one parachute left on the plane and there were 3 more people on the plane. The pilot, the copilot and the flight attendant. Me and Sara looked at each other again and we both understood that 2 people are going to die today. We putted on the parachute backpack thing and then the pilots came running towards us.

- You can’t take those they’re ours, not yours.
- You probably don’t even know how to use those.
- Of course I know I used to work with teaching how to use these, said Sara gladly.
- Okay…

One of the pilots grabbed the parachute and the two other people staired at each other. Both of them were crying and I couldn’t even see the fly attendants eyes because se were crying so much.
Me, Sara and the pilot walked to the emergency door. Sara opened the door and there were a huge pressure on my ears. I hold Sara’s hands and then we jumped out of the plane. I was screaming insanity i 10 minutes. We pulled out our parachutes and then we finally reached the ground. We saw the golden plane crashing into the ocean.

I was sad, happy, worried, afraid and of the future. I was sad because of the two people that we left to die on the plane, happy because I survived and made it to the ground, worried and afraid of the future because I wanted to go to prom.

We were on a road in the middle of nowhere there where no sings of any living life. We decided to start walking towards the sun. It was so hot, I couldn’t even wear my jeans a pulled them of and walked around in my underwear. I had never felt a heat like this it must be over 40 degrees. After about 20 minutes of walking in the heat the sun started to slowly go down. We didn’t see a human except each other in 20 minutes.

We walked up on a hill to see more of where we are. Then we saw it, smoke. It looked like the smoke was from a fire, and that means that there must be something living there. We started to run towards the fire. When we came there we saw something that I’ve never seen before. It were a huge human. He were really tall almost 4m and he had big muscles. I recognise his face from when I was little. Maybe he had gone in my class or something. In middle school we went in the same class we called him Olof like the character from Frozen because he had a pointy orange nose like a carrot.

- Is that you Olof? Do you remember me from middle school?
- Yes it’s me Olof but I like to call myself Sir Olof now days. And of course I remember you, you were the hottest girl in my class.
I started to blush and my cheeks turned red and I had to turn around.
- Our plane crash landed in the ocean and now we don’t know were we are. Would you mind telling us we’re we are, the poor man asked.
- Yes you are in the London year 2001, Olof said.
- But I was born 2004 so how can I be in a time period where I not even born? I said with a questionable voice.
- Don’t you know? The golden plane that you flew in is a time machine.
- What?! A time machine does that even exist??
- Yeah you invented it.
- I don’t remember that…
- That’s one of the side effects of time travels.
- Okey, can we use it again to get back to the time we come from.
- No cause it’s probably broken now, so you’re stuck here with me. But you can probably fix it but if you don’t want to hang with me or experience 2001.

My stomach started to twist and I got so much anxiety. I felt like I needed to lay down because everything started to spin and my legs were shaking. I fell to the ground and then everything turn black and I past out. How could I make that decision go to prom with my boyfriend or experience 2001. For most people it would be an easy choice to choose time travels but I’ve been looking forward to prom since kindergarten. I’m going to were my mothers old dress and wen I try it on I feel like a real princess. After a long time of making pros and cons lists in my head I have now decided to time travel. Because its a opportunity that only I have and prom can everyone go to.

- Okey I will stay here to fix the ship and maybe see a bit of London. When I fixed the ship I would like to return home as quick as possible.
- That’s fine let go and find the ship

We just walked around for a few minutes without finding anything. And I were so tired in my legs it felt like I didn’t have any legs anymore. I was just about to give up and thats when we saw it…
The Landing spot for the plane, but the plane wasn’t there. It were a hole in the ground like the size of the plane. But where the hell could the plane had gone?
Hen we arrived to the landing spot we could see footsteps. It looked like there was two humans or two animals that had walked here. One looked like a really big man the feet were like 45cm long. And the other footprint were really small. I could barely even see them, there were in the size of an atom.
We followed the footprints as long as we could. When they ended we all stopped. We followed the footprints for nothing.
And out of nothing there were a hole new man in front of me. He didn’t touch the ground and that explains why the foot prints ended.

- Are you the other pilot? I asked nicely
- Yes of course I am, and that’s the flight attendant.

A girl walked out form the mud and her skin was made of steel. I touched the girl and she just took my hand and flew up with me in the air. I screamed because I was scared that she would drop me. But she didn’t drop me. She flew me up to the clouds and she didn’t stop flying.

- What’s your name she asked me.
- My name is Amaya, what’s your name?
- My name is Nora and I’m going to take you to you’re destination.
- But where is that?
- You’re going to France, but not at you’re time.
- We need to steal Mona Lisa by piscasso.
- What we cant just steal something that has that big value!
- You’re gonna help me steal this or else I’m going to drop you from here. And you will probably die.
- Okey I will help you steal it…

Nora flew me up to the atmosphere and then she did a huge spin, backflip and then she started flying sideways and up and down. I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew we were in Paris.

- We have to steal the painting before it gets famous so we have to steal it when Picasso leaves it for drying, Nora said.
- Okay but where is that? I asked.
- I think it’s located in a farm outside Paris, lets go there.
- Lets go!

She flew me there and it only took us 1 minute to get there. Nora was right, the painting was left in a barn to dry. It was a easy mission and I started to wonder why she needed my help. But I didn’t ask about it, I just took the painting and Nora grabbed my arm and we flew away. She did a spin, backflip and then she started to fly sideways and up and down and the next moment we were back with the others.
- What time is it?? I asked with a hurry in my voice.
- 12:30 everyone said at the same time.
- OMG!!! I have prom in thirty minutes! I have to get home as soon as possible.
- Okay lets go back and find the plane. We can follow the footprints back to the landing spot, The pilot said.

Our hole gang began to walk and follow the footprints from earlier. When the footprints ended the plane were there! We jumped into the plane and the pilots started the plane and we went up in the sky. One of the pilots were screaming, and I ran to the cockpit to see what was happening. In the front seat in the cockpit was Olof. I didn’t even have time to say something I just looked at him and waved. I ran back to my seat as fast as I could. I was tired so I fell asleep for fifteen minutes. And when I woke up everything was red and sirens where screaming. I knew what was happening. So I ran to the back of the plane and I grabbed a parachute. And this time there were 5 parachute, one for each one of us. Everyone grabbed one and then we jumped out of the plane.
We were so lucky to be alive after this journey and luckily we landed on my rooftop. And inside was my prom dress, jewellery, prom date and everything I needed for prom. I went inside and I got ready as fast as I could. The doorbell rang And I ran downstairs. There was my handsome boyfriend Shawn. We got in his car and then we went to our school. No one was talking I think that is because we were so nervous.

Finally we arrived at prom. Outside there were balloons nd small lights all over our school. It was beautiful like a fairytale. I have never seen anything such as beautiful and magic. Shawn kissed me and we went inside. I was so thankful for everything in my life. And the first thing I saw was Mona Lisa hanging in on the wall. I smiled and started to dance around in the gym. I was so happy and I smiled all night long. I’m the luckiest person alive was my last thought before I woke up…

Affe Jkpg 6668
Postad: 6 mar 2019

Jag körde texten genom "MS-Word spell checker". Om du hittar något liknade så....

Laguna 8993
Postad: 6 mar 2019

Jag ser större inga fel i det som är markerat ovan, utom att "were" mycket riktigt ska vara ett annat ord, "where".

Den borde däremot ha markerat "now days", som ska vara "nowadays".

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