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Postad: 24 nov 2020

Pojken i randig pyjamas


Jag har gjort ett frågor och svar åt mina kamrater som ska börja titta på filmen imorgon, men jag behöver hjälp. jag har då läst boken och svarat på alla frågor men de sista kapitälerna förstår jag riktigt inte. Jag ska då presentera om boken pojken i randig pyjamas men behöver hjälp att svara på några sista frågor som jag inte förstår något.

såhär ser frågorna ut, snälla om ni ser det svara mig. jag har presentation imorgon. jag har hittat eran sida just nu.

Chapter 15: “Something He Shouldn’t Have Done”

76. List 7 reasons why Bruno dislikes Kotler.

77. What does the conversation about Treasure Island tell us about Kotler and about Bruno?

78. Why has Shmuel been brought to the house? What does Bruno notice about his and Shmuel’s hands?

79. Why does Shmuel say, “That’s a question you never have to ask me”?

80. How does Bruno feel after he denies knowing Shmuel? Find evidence in the text to support your answer.

81. What does Bruno think has been the cause of Shmuel’s bruising? What is the real cause?


Chapter 16: “The Haircut”

82. Why does the family return to Berlin?

83. We learn that the Fury has sent a wreath. What does Mother mean by, “Grandmother would turn in her grave if she knew it was there”?

84. We learn that Kotler has been transferred and that the “departure had come about very suddenly and there had been a lot of shouting between father and Mother about it…” Why do you think Kotler has been sent away?

85. How does Gretel explain the purpose of the fence and the people on the other side to Bruno? What does she still not quite understand?

86. What does Gretel find in her hair and what are the consequences?

Chapter 17: “Mother Gets Her Own Way”

87. How does Bruno feel about the possibility of returning to Berlin?

88. Besides the argument with Father, what evidence is there that Mother is unhappy?

89. Why is Gretel moving pins around on her maps? Why is Herr Liszt impressed by this?

90. What does Father mean by “Perhaps this is not the place for children?”

Chapter 18: “Thinking Up the Final Adventure”

91. When Shmuel’s father disappears, how do we know that Bruno still does not really understand what goes on at Out-With? What do you think has happened to Shmuel’s father?

92. Why does Shmuel think that asking Bruno’s father isn’t a good idea? Why doesn’t he answer when Bruno asks him if he hates Father?

93. What is Bruno’s plan?

94. The chapter ends “All in all, it seemed like a very sensible plan and a good way to say goodbye.” What do you think of the plan? What do you think might happen?

Chapter 19: “What Happened the Next Day”

 95. Why do you think the author writes about rain at the beginning of the chapter?

96. What is Bruno’s reaction to the spare pair of pyjamas?

97. What do you think the author is trying to suggest when he says “It would have been difficult to tell them apart. It was almost (Shmuel thought) as if they were all exactly the same really.”?

98. What did Bruno imagine the camp would be like? What is it really like?

99. Bruno thinks he “ought to go home.” Why doesn’t he?

100. How does the author describe the weather after Shmuel says “I never see the people after they’ve gone on a march” and what effect does he create?

101. What is the last thing Bruno says to Shmuel?

102. What is the last line of the chapter?

103. What do you think happened next?

Chapter 20: “The Last Chapter”

104. Why does Mother stay at Out-With for several months?

105. What is Gretel’s reaction to Bruno’s disappearance?

106. What conclusion does Father come to about Bruno’s disappearance?

107. The author ends the book with “Nothing like that could ever happen again. Not in this day and age.” Do you think he is right? Why/ Why not?

kan ni vara så snälla och se på frågorna svara på de på svenska och jag ska försöka översätta det på engleska för mitt eget bästa.

hälsningar kajsa.

Välkommen till Pluggakuten! Lägg varje fråga i en egen tråd, och visa hur du har försökt besvara frågan själv, så hjälper vi dig vidare därifrån. /Smutstvätt, moderator 

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