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Rätta meningen och hur kan jag förbättra den för att få A

Suddenly the lights started to chine and the Tv turned on. Sarah looked at the TV and saw a man in black clothes with a mask on his face. " you have two choices either you play the game and accept it or you die" said the man. Sarah was terrified and began to cry. I accept the game but please I don't want to die said, Sarah. The ghost explained the game to her and said that he will let in a hungry lion who had the keys in his stomach. He told her that she need to find a way to kill the lion and open his stomach so she can run away from the house or the lion will eat her. She ran so fast to a room and hid under the bed so the lion wouldn't find her.

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Vet inte om det är försent men här får du en text som jag skrev om.

Suddenly the lights started to chine (?) and the Tv turned on. When Sarah looked at the TV she saw a man in black with a mask on. 

-You've got two choices either you to play a game or you die, the man said. Sarah was so terrified that she began to cry.

-I choose to play a game but please dont kill me, I don't want to die, said Sarah while she cried.

The man explained the game rules, he will let a hungry lion with a key in its stomach into a room with Sarah. To survive she needs to find a way to get that key out of the lions stomach without getting eaten alive. As soon as the man finished explaining the rules Sarah ran as fast as she could into the room and hid under a bed to hide from the lion.

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