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Postad: 28 sep 2020

Rätta min text

Jag har skrivit text på engleska kan någon rätta den?


One night 

One night I walked alone, the weather was hard and very cold. I walked alone because I was very sad. My best friend died, I felt very bad and was sad. Because she and I were best friends for five years. 

Her name was Linda, she was 10 years old. And she was a very kind person. 

I don't know where I walked to, but when I walked I smelled something. I don't know what the smell was, but I know the smell belonged to an animal. I walked and walked… the smell was strong, I saw the animal and it was a cat. Yes, it was a cat, I was surprised.

The cat makes me feel better than I was. The cat was very beautiful, it was white and brown. I took the cat to my house and I taught the cat a lot of things to answer his name, to understand the world “no”, to play with a little ball, and to play hide-and-seek with me. 

So we lived happily ever after.

aquastar 35
Postad: 2 okt 2020

vad menar du med att "the weather was hard"? 

sarammm 25
Postad: 4 okt 2020

menar du att vädret är varmt?

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