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spooky story

Everything For The Perfect Scoop.

As I pull up to the house I realise that it is not what I expected. My boss told me it was a little cottage far from civilization. But this wasn’t a cottage, it was a mansion. It was old, probably built around the 19th century but even through layers of moss and vines you could see it had a beautiful architecture. It was still a bit spooky with the bigg floor to roof windows and a big deck stretching out towards the forest and towards the ocean. I dug into my bag to find the keys to the house and after a lot of searching I found them at the bottom. As I entered the house the stench of water damaged walls and rotten floorboards hit my nose. The smell made me think of death, It felt like the heaviness of disturbed spirits layed on my shoulders and the further I walked in through the entrance the heavier my shoulders got. I knew at the time that ghosts didn’t exist so I brushed the feeling off and tried to focus on the mission. Now I noticed how creepy the house was. It had brown floors that were covered in wet wood and the wallpaper was hanging off the walls, it looked like the house had gone through a bad storm and had been flooded for a while. The gooie floors chipped as it does walking through a puddle with every step I took. In some way it was comforting, it meant that it could hear if someone was in there with me. I started to look for it as soon as I had gotten used to the odor and the gloominess of the house. I looked for what felt like hours before deciding to take a break and go out to my car and get my flashlight.

 As I searched in the back of my car I heard the grit on the road move and it sounded like a car was coming. I quickly closed and locked my car and ran inside the house to lock all the doors around me. As I had locked all the doors I ran around frantically trying to find it. As I ran past the big windows looking over the deck I saw him. I was too slow. He got home before I could find it. Everyone that had tried to do this before me had ended up in a body bag. But stupid little me thought i could outsmart him, get it before he got home. As I looked at him I was shook by his appearance, I thought he was an old man with wrinkly skin and a huckleback. This man standing outside the window was nothing of the sorts he was tall and lean with broad shoulders and a beautiful smile. There was something off with the way he acted next.  He just stood there. He didn’t move and he smiled. He smiled at me like I was a present waiting to be opened at christmas.

I heard the sound of my racing heart drumming in my ears as I built up the courage to move away from the window to keep looking. It was like he was mirroring me. With every step I took away from the window, he took one towards the door. Ten steps later he was out of eyesight standing on the porch. I realised I needed to find it before he got inside. I ran up the stairs towards the adic and stopped at the door. 

It was locked. I knew this was the only place I hadn’t looked and it freaked me out knowing that if I got up and he got in I could get stuck up there forever or worse. Die. I decided to take the chance and picked the door open with a hairpin. It slowly slid open creekingly, ”creeeek ”.

My heart was pounding so hard in my ears I couldn’t even hear my own thoughts. My hands were shaking from the adrenaline pumping through my veins and I felt my knees almost giving in beneath me. I turned on the flashlight that I found in my car and slowly took a step up the stairs. They bent under my weight like they were about to break but I managed to get up without falling. The adic smelled worse than the house, it had a musty smell that was heavy to breathe. I covered my nose and mouth with the sleeve of my shirt in a try to filter the air before hitting my lungs. 


He got in. I started to move as slow as possible to not make a sound but it was almost impossible. The floorboards were old and rotten and it was hard not to step in the wrong place and fall through the floor so I kept to the walls holding one hand on it gliding towards the back wall. Then I found it. I found the chest. It was big and looked more like a trunk but I found it. It was a big mahogany glazed chest with gold coloured details. The parts that were golden had rusted, that was a sign for how old it was. I grabbed on to the front trying to open it but it was locked. I glanced around the room with help of the flashlight and I saw a crowbar. 

To the best of my ability I quickly and quietly crawled towards it and quickly got back to the chest. I pried it open and looked inside. There it was. The big portfolio containing all the history markings the Washington's had accomplished. In the moment of finding the chest I forgot what was going on around me until I heard him. ”Sweetie! Where are you?” He chirped. I frose. I took the portfolio under my arm and started running down the stairs trying to find a way out. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I stopped. Until this point I had been able to get around without him knowing where I was. But I knew that as soon I stepped on the floor he would hear me. I looked around me trying to find a solution to the problem ahead. That’s when I saw my savior. Leaning against the wall to my right was a golf club. I had heard before that I had a good swing so I was gonna use that to my advantage.  I slowly walked out into the hall and as I feared the floor started to chip with my every step. “Sweetie! I'm coming for you!” He yelled. The panic spread tremendously fast in my entire body and I started to shake more than ever. I ran to the nearest room trying to hide. I slid in under the bed. “Chip,chip,chip” I could see his feet as he was standing right next to the bed. I held my breath trying to not make a sound. I layed there for what felt like hours. I think he knew I was under there because after a while he stopped looking and just sat on the bed just above me. As the sun went down and I was still laying under the bed I heard him snore. He had fallen asleep and I knew that this was my chance to get out of the house. I quietly slipped out from under the bed and rolled towards the door. Lying down and rolling helped with the chirping. When I got to the door of the room I slowly stood up to open the door. Then I realised that it was awfully quiet so I stopped to turn around to look at him. There he was, my knees gave in beneath me and on my way down I managed to open the door. He wasn’t asleep. He had played me. Sitting on the bed with a big smile that didn’t meet his eyes was Charles Washington himself. He lept towards me and it all went black.




I know it is bad but every tip will help on the way to get it good and right 

thank you beforehand

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