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Postad: 15 nov 2020

The blind side film

Hej vem har sett filmen the blind side kan någon rätta till mig den här svaret på frågan om filmer.


Why Mihaels eduation was not god

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Because he wouldn’t go to school when he was young and he didn’t get enough education and he needed a care and attention when he was a kid, his mother didn’t care about him because she was using drugs so I think it is his mother is mistake and social services. I think it is social services mistake to because when they send him to the foster families was the social services investigating him because they think this families covet the help they get in adopting him and that is why he run away from the foster families. And the big
reason is that Michael was living a homeless life

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Postad: 18 nov 2020

Ett tips skriv inte för mycket "and". Byt till en punkt blir lättare att läsa.

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Postad: 19 nov 2020

Tack för din tips

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Postad: 25 nov 2020

This is a good explanation, I would have wrote something like this :D :

Michaels education was bad because he had a rought childhood. While he was young, his mother didnt take care of him, she was constantly using drugs. This led to him losing ability to study and by time he wasent interested in educating.....


Hoppas det hjälpte :D

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Postad: 25 nov 2020

Tackar så mycket 

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