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Postad: 22 nov 2019

Vi skrev argumenterande text i engelskan. Vad tycker ni?

Dogs are better than cats
Dogs are better than cats. It is a fact. Maybe you disagree with me? Or maybe you agree, but I know there are lots of other people that disagree with this. This is why I am writing this essay. To prove to all that people and maybe you, that reads this, that dogs are better than cats. I do not say cats are bad, I just say dogs are better, out of my observations dogs are more loyal, helpful and useful, and less aggressive.

The first point, as you could read above, is that dogs are more loyal to their owners. They have really strong bonds with humans. Cats do not have so strong bonds with humans. A dog would try to save you or maybe even die for you if something dangerous happened. A cat would probably go and hide. 

Secondly, dogs are more useful and helpful than cats. There are police dogs, helping the police with their fantastic sense of smell. I does not know for sure if there still are fireman dogs, maybe not anymore, but there were. Fireman cats has never existed and so police cats. Dogs also help older people or blind people or other handicapped people with everyday things. They can bring you things help you walk or if you blind lead you somewhere, like the store. I have never heard about a cat doing this.

The last point is that dogs are less aggressive. Now you think: really? A cat claws and a dog bites. Why are dogs less aggressive? So I will explain: If you had your dog for a long time the dog will probably not bite you. The dogs likes you and knows you. Dogs usually just bite strangers. A cat could claw and bite you even when if you had the cat for a long time. A cat can easy get mad and claw you. 

So we are now close to the end. Just before I end this text I need to tell you a last thing that makes dogs better. A dog thinks you are the boss and gives the food if he or she is nice. A cat thinks that he or she is the boss and thinks that you give the food to them because they are the boss. Is this not a bit selfish? I hope I have now proved to you that dogs are better in three ways: they are more loyal, more helpful, useful and less aggressive.

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Postad: 22 nov 2019 Redigerad: 22 nov 2019

Jag gör egentligen inga påståenden i denna tråd, om vad som är rätt eller fel, men du kan låta dig inspireras av denna inledning.

It is a fact that dogs are better than cats. You may agree or not and I know that there are some that disagree. That is the reason why I am writing this essay. I want to prove to everyone, that dogs are better than cats. I do not state that cats are bad, but my opinion is just that dogs are better. From my experience dogs are more loyal, helpful, useful and less aggressive.

My above first written statement is that dogs are more loyal to their owners than cats. Dogs have extraordinary strong bonds to human caregivers. A dog would possibly even die for you, trying to save you if something dangerous happened. A cat would probably only escape and hide. 

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