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Daniel1255222 62
Postad: 20 jan 2021 23:44

Vilket betyg tycker du att denna text uppnår ?

Let me tell you about my best trip last year. It all started with us being home and checking online after the trip. We found a trip to Spain (Barcelona). We were going to Barcelona on Thursday and arrived in Arlanda on Thursday at 6.00. Dad woke me up very early in the morning so we could eat a little breakfast. We took a taxi from home to Arlanda, we had a lot of things to pack and my dad had our passports. When we arrived at the airport we went to write notes about our suitcases and then went to the security checkpoint.We placed our watches and straps with mobile phones in a plastic box that was on the strap. Then we went for coffee to eat a sandwich and buy some juice. Then we got on the plane and started flying to Barcelona, ​​but we had a problem because we would have to make a stopover in Germany at their airport called Frankfurt. It is the largest airport in the world. We got off the plane and went to a different gate to pick up another pallet that was going to Barcelona.

It was very windy when we arrived at the airport, but also hot. 

We took the bus to our hotel. It was huge and cozy.Once we got to the hotel, we went to our room to change and eat dinner at a restaurant in town. When we got to the restaurant it was very big and they had very good food. We eat classic Spanish food. After the meal, we went to the Hiperdino supermarket, bought sweets and lots of fries, but also drinks. 

Then we went back to the hotel and took a bath all afternoon. Then we took a shower and had dinner at the hotel.   After that we went and brushed our teeth and went to sleep. The day after we woke up late and we felt we had a lot of energy  so we went down to the restaurant to have breakfast.When we went down to the restaurant there were big tables with lots of food. I ate a lot of nutella pancakes and drank a glass of juice. 



The building in the photo is the hotel where I  lived . It was a long beach and a large sea. 


this was the restaurant with all the food and it was so nice and cozy


I have done many good things over the last year. One thing is that I raised my grades very much. It was great fun and good for myself because I am going to start high school. I had a very difficult time during my first year here in high school. I did not get good grades but I started to fight and my teachers helped me so it was not impossible for me. I was really happy when I got my grades in the 9th grade because I have realized that it is not over for me to get into my dream high school which is rudbeck. 

Another thing I am proud of is that I have studied a lot this year and it has made me successful in all the tests specially in history but also in the English  tests which are listening comprehension and reading comprehension. I am most proud of the fact that I did very well with the grammar test we had in the eighth grade.  

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a.shrek.biscuit 1
Postad: 24 jan 2021 19:42

Very well! I would give it a B or at least a strong C

Some tips:

No need for brackets when saying "Barcelona", instead, use a comma!

You are overusing "then"

Good luck :)

khadijah.shirzai 5
Postad: 7 okt 2021 19:36

I Would give it a B or A  because it’s … fantastic good I think even I can’t do that.

SnuttePlays 94
Postad: 27 jan 2022 21:40

C. Alldeles för mycket punkter och liknande som förstör flytet i läsningen.

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