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My dreams

Everybody has a dream whether it is to become a doctor or create a drink company. Whatever that dream is, it is something every person wants to achieve. I have multiple dreams but one is to become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, I would like to start a build up a multi-million dollar company. To get there I know that hard work, dedication and determination are required. No excuses can stop my dream. 

Ten years from now, I would like to have a stable income and most importantly escape the so-called matrix. The matrix is where everybody that works a 9-5 job is stuck. You work for someone else and you have to listen to others and can't make your own decisions. I wanna have the freedom to build my company with a few but loyal friends. Being able to choose when to work and live the lifestyle I want to live. In my spare time, I would like to do what I love to do most, play football and hang out with friends. When my business takes off I am planning on moving to LAt to grow my business and become international. I will be buying a huge land and building a very big penthouse. The penthouse will have a black and white theme with a pool and a jacuzzi that has fountains pouring water into them. There will be a big garden with a football pitch because it's my favorite hobby and I still want to be able to play in my spare time. The house will have multiple bedrooms and two living rooms with fireplaces. In all of this, I also need to stay fit and healthy, and what better way than to implement a gym.

This dream can't just be handed out as I said it takes hard work, and most importantly you need to be passionate about what you want to do. That spark that you feel just makes you want to make this your dream. Without that, you can forget starting a multi-million dollar company. One of my favorite quotes says that you gotta walk before you can run. That is exactly what you have to do to grow your successful business. Start with long and short-term goals that will help you achieve your final dream end goal. To get there I will start by graduating from primary school and continue to upper secondary school. At this point, I want to start a UF company that will hopefully kick-start my career. From there it will take sleepless nights and strong mental power. All the hard work to one day live the life I have dreamed of.

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Postad: 24 sep 2022 19:35

skitbra ju!

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Postad: 15 okt 2022 16:22

Första gången att jag inte har något att klaga på faktiskt. Om du inte får A på denna vet jag inte.

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