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Postad: 10 dec 2023 20:24

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We Shouldn't Be Allowed To Have Our Mobile Phones In The Class

Why should we not be allowed to use our phones in the classroom? Are there any exceptions to this rule? Although some may argue that phones can be a reliable source when it comes to learning because we have all the information in the entire world at our fingertips, I would like to consider some other aspects. We primarily use our phones for entertainment, which means that they can become distracting when we are trying to learn. And with all that information available cheating becomes a lot easier. After considering both perspectives, I am strongly against allowing mobile phones in the classroom.

The advocates for cellphones during class argue that they are essential for research as well as quick access to information. Furthermore, they argue that cellphones can be a good tool for learning by providing instant access to different resources. Moreover, they also say that cellphones can provide reference material for school projects by acting as a library with a lot of information.


However, I disagree, while smartphones provide access to information, they often lead to distractions. Students can easily be on social media, games or messaging, their focus on learning. Furthermore, the constant presence of phones can disrupt the learning environment and negatively affect students' attention spans. In addition, the use of mobile phones in classrooms can contribute to a among students. Not all students have access to the same type of phone or the Internet, which leads to learning opportunities. In addition, excessive use of smartphones has been linked to psychological problems among young people, including anxiety and reduced social interaction.Using phones in class is perceived as disrespectful primarily because it disrupts the learning environment, causing interruptions and distractions for both the instructor and fellow students. It also reflects a lack of engagement with the subject matter, signaling divided attention and a potential disinterest in the class. This behavior creates an unequal classroom experience, where some students actively participate while others are preoccupied with their phones. Ultimately, it is disrespectful to the instructor, indicating a lack of regard for their efforts to teach and maintain a focused learning atmosphere. The misuse of phones in the classroom undermines the combined and respectful nature of the educational experience.

To address this issue, it's crucial to implement a no-phone policy in classrooms. This approach encourages a focused learning environment and prevents distractions. Students can still access technology when necessary through school-provided devices or appointed times for using personal phones outside the classroom.

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Postad: 11 dec 2023 01:09 Redigerad: 11 dec 2023 01:10

Vad menas med, in addition, "the use of mobile phones in classrooms can contribute to a among students?"


Enligt vad jag ser, så låter det som ett riktigt schysst språk, snyggt (är dock ingen lärare men tycker språket verkar bra iaf) *tummen upp*


Sedan kan jag även tillägga att i framtiden kan det vara bra att undvika t.ex it's och shouldn't i uppsatser, och istället skriva it is och should not

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